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Hansson and Karlsson – Tax Free 1967

Hansson och karlsson jazz progg rock

The duo Hansson and Karlsson was active during the late 1960s and played instrumental jazz rock and psychedelia. The music was based heavily on improvisation also why their live shows were very different and varied from time to time. The group can be said to be an early source of inspiration for the Swedish prog rock. They became acquainted with Jimi Hendrix and played with him a few times, including at the club Philip in Stockholm. Hendrix was a fan of the duo’s music and recorded Hansson & Karlsson’s composition ”Tax Free”. Later went Bo Hansson and Janne Carlsson separate ways, Bo did solo career as a musician while Janne went for a career as an actor.

Tex Free 1967

bo hansson and janne karlsson



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